Childhood Unplugged - May - Feeding fish at the Sailfish Marina and visiting the Manatee Lagoon in West Palm Beach
"If you're considering taking family photos and you have young kids, Audrey is the person you want taking those pictures. There's no one better than Audrey at getting your kid to smile, sit still, be themselves and/or pose for the camera. She has this amazing way of making everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera to the point where you're having so much fun you forget you're in the middle of a photo shoot! She's very easy to work with, down to earth and open to any thoughts, ideas or suggestions you have. Prices are very reasonable as well. I highly recommend her services."

Jamie Silver

"We were very lucky to find Audrey to take photos of our family, 2 months after having our first baby girl. Audrey's professionalism, creative eye, unbelievable energy....and PATIENCE was incredible to work with....particularly when the star of the shoot was sleeping for 2/3rds of our time together. We loved the outcome and variety in the edited shots - which captured this joyful time in our lives beautifully. We would recommend Audrey in a heartbeat."

Jessica Frank

"Almost a year after our Bedtime Story photo shoot with Audrey, we still talk about what a fun and memorable day that was for our family. Audrey couldn't have been more sweet and thoughtful in the way she cared so deeply about making the photo shoot a fun and magical experience. Our kids LOVED her, she made them comfortable and kept things appropriately silly:). I love the way the photos came out, Audrey captured our family in such a beautiful, organic way!" 

Zoe Oliphant

audrey blake photography. bedtime story
"We saw several other charming photo shoots Audrey had shared on her website - and knew that we wanted her to do our family photos with our then-1 year old son. Our scheduled day arrived, and she showed up with a bubble machine (among other accessories) and tons of energy, and we all had a blast for the entire session. The results speak for themselves - a few breathtaking photos of our son alone and our family together, and not a bad shot in the entire collection. We'd recommend anyone looking for unique and wonderful photographs to take a look at her gallery, and schedule your own fun afternoon of memories that will last forever! "

Daniel, Stacey, and Maxwell Goldshlack

Spring Look Book for ROI by Audrey Blake Breheney
"audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY delivered an incredible shoot, look book and line list for our advanced contemporary women's launch  collection. Not only was it gorgeous and something we were incredibly excited about and proud to put out in the market, but it was given to us in record time. Audrey is talented, gracious, and wonderful and we look forward to working together next season."

Roi Studio, LLC

"Audrey Breheney was born to be a family photographer.  And the most amazing thing is that once she photographs you, she becomes family.  Audrey started shooting my family and our special occasions years ago, and now the thought of hiring anyone else is pure sacrilege.  Her latest project has been in documenting my maternity and the birth of my daughter, Virginia.  The precious moments that she has the ability to capture are treasures that I will cherish forever.  Even on a day when the baby inevitably seems to have cried the entire time, Audrey will email me amazing pictures that are lifetime souvenirs marking each particular phase of our Virginia's life. With her artistic vision she can create beauty in the most mundane daily activities - changing a diaper, walking the dog, cuddling in bed.  And that's the true definition of an artist.  For a brief period of time I was so inspired by Audrey's talents that I made a significant investment in a camera and lenses, but my images never seemed to compare.  It's all in the eye behind the view finder." 

Shana F.

Beautiful sibling love during a bedtime story with the boucher family by lifestyle photographer audrey blake breheney
"Working with Audrey was tremendous on so many levels. Her warmth is infectious and calming, in what sometimes can be a stressful scenario. Audrey's creativity is out of the box, her creativity and talent guarantees an amazing final product. My entire family enjoyed our time with Audrey and we have the most beautiful family pictures to prove it. I'm so thankful for the special moments that Audrey was able to capture. I have encouraged my family and friends to book their sessions with Audrey upon her next visit."

The Boucher Family

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