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essex fells resident and photographer Audrey Blake and her three girls

Audrey is a full time photographer specializing in Bedtime Story Sessions, Lifestyle Family Sessions and Lifestyle Commercial work. Audrey is currently the in-house photographer for Dirt & Noise Kids in Montclair, NJ. Her work has been featured in Saplings Magazine, Mozi Magazine, Design Aglow, & Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine. She is a core member of Childhood Unplugged as well as CMPro. In addition to teaching at The Define School, Audrey also teaches Photography workshops at the prestigious Montclair Arts Museum. She currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and three beautiful daughters.

I can remember pouring over photos for hours as a child, loving the way it felt to witness my own babyhood. I loved the way my dad looked at me or the way my mother held me in her arms. I felt loved just looking at them. And now that I have my own children, there is nothing I love more than snuggling under the blankets, flipping through my old baby albums, and reliving all the incredible memories once again.

Now that I am grown, I have a passion for gifting these sentimental treasures to others. I long to photograph your child holding onto your leg while you cook, and the way your baby boy brushes his teeth so confidently!

I see the beauty in the ordinary, I see the value in your everyday moments, and I long to capture it so you can keep them, forever.

What stories will your children tell their own?

This is *your* story.

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