Shana F.

“Audrey Breheney was born to be a family photographer.  And the most amazing thing is that once she photographs you, she becomes family.  Audrey started shooting my family and our special occasions years ago, and now the thought of hiring anyone else is pure sacrilege.  Her latest project has been in documenting my maternity and the birth of my daughter, Virginia.  The precious moments that she has the ability to capture are treasures that I will cherish forever.  Even on a day when the baby inevitably seems to have cried the entire time, Audrey will email me amazing pictures that are lifetime souvenirs marking each particular phase of our Virginia’s life. With her artistic vision she can create beauty in the most mundane daily activities – changing a diaper, walking the dog, cuddling in bed.  And that’s the true definition of an artist.  For a brief period of time I was so inspired by Audrey’s talents that I made a significant investment in a camera and lenses, but my images never seemed to compare.  It’s all in the eye behind the view finder.”