Tips & Tricks – How I got to my final iPhone image!

We are potty training!! This wasn’t part of my plan to be quite honest. I was all about holding out till spring when we weren’t wearing tights, pants, heavy coats and the like but little Lyla made it clear she was ready and I knew there was no chance I could not honor her signs and go for it. So we went to the store, picked out some undies of her choice and we are half way through the day with only 3 accidents. We are now on day 3 and I think its going pretty well?

Naturally I wanted to capture the moment she first put on a pair of big girl underwear forever. Her delight was contagious and coerced her into letting me snap an iPhone photo by telling her she could then really see what she looks like in them. I also offered her a gummie bear. 🙂

Since the sloppy image I took and the final image I shared were so drastically different, I thought this would be a great opportunity to share with all of you exactly how I got from image A to image B.

tips and tricks for iphone photo editing by audrey blake photography

To achieve the white wall effect I use white foam board. I buy a few and keep them stored safely behind my couch and when they get just too warn I toss them or let the kids use them for arts and crafts. Since I wanted her standing I needed to use two because it wasn’t quite tall enough. I happened to have my amazing baby sitter here to lend a hand. I leaned one foam board against a coffee table and had her hold the other one higher. This is a hot mess.. I mean her hand is in it, the foam boards create a yucky line etc etc… BUT I knew I could easily fix this with a few strokes on the iPhone. I am going to walk you through exactly what I did to achieve my final image.

First I opened the image in an app called Retouch Free. You simply click the paint brush, lower the dial to make the brush smaller or larger and then highlight with your finger the area you want to retouch. By using the hand tool in the center you can zoom in to really hone in on the area you want to fix. I fixed as much as I thought I needed to knowing I was going to crop the image.

editing tricks on the iphone using retouch app

You can see in the image on the right that the white is pretty even now! No more line and at least that gap between the boards is now gone.

I felt like her face was a bit dark so I brought the image into SnapSeed because it has a wonderful feature that allows you to select an area to brighten, saturate or make other adjustments too.selective adjust tool in snapseed To use this function you bring the image in to snapseed and then click the “selective adjust” took on the bottom left. Tap your finger on the spot you want to fix and a blue circle appears. You can make this wider if you like. When you are satisfied with the area it will affect you swipe your finger to the left or right depending on if you are brightening or darkening. If you swipe your finger down the B will turn to an S or a C for saturation and or contrast adjustments. You can see that her face is just a bit brighter now.

Now I bring the image into my favorite app VSCOcam. This app has so much to offer and I actually cover it in detail in my Foundations of iPhoneography e-book but I will just show you the basics of what I did for this particular image.

audrey blake photography showing the final editing steps using VSCOcamOnce I opened the image in VSCOcam I selected the wrench icon and then the crop icon. I used my fingers to select the area I want cutting out her feet and the floor as well as the mess on the left of the image. Once I was finished I clicked the check mark. Then I went to the paint brush icon where all the filters are. I used one of my favorites F2 and I then dialed it down to +3. DONE! I saved it and that was that.

My final step is a total personal preference. I just really like the thin white boarder around the image so I bring my final image into an app called squaready and I add a thin boarder.

All of the apps I used and talked about here are FREE! One more time here is my final image. I hope you liked this and found it helpful! If you did please like it, share it and/ or comment. Everyone loves a little love. 🙂


final image edited on iPhone



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