The Smith Family Bedtime Story

Avery & Annabelle Smith are two siblings I will find hard to forget. They seem to be a perfect ying and yang… Avery being calm and sensitive and Annabelle being extroverted and overflowing with charisma and spirit! I can see just how much they love each other and how their personalities balance it all out. During the Smith family Bedtime Story the children played in the sprinklers, and explored all the nooks and crannies in their beautiful yard. Avery showed me his favorite legos and books and Annabelle sang her heart out with her “hand” microphone wearing a rainbow bathing suit. It couldn’t have been more obvious that this was them. So much love bursting out of every seam here and was especially palpable during their bath! I loved watching their mama kiss their toes and tend to their every need. When the whole family jumped on the big ol’ bed to read, I found myself smitten by the loving kisses dad kept handing out. It is clear that love lives here. Thank you Smith family for letting me be a fly on your wall in your every day lives.


A Bedtime Story session with the Walters family of Coral Gables, Florida. With Lifestyle Portrait photographer Audrey Blake Breheney

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