Summer Vacation! Childhood Unplugged – August

This family lives for summer vacation. We try our best to spend one if not two weeks every summer in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. I know New Jersey gets a bad rap but like anywhere, you have to know where to go, explore and not be afraid to seek adventure! We have fallen head over heels in love with Beach Haven. It could be because it was a stomping ground for my husband in his younger days, or that I remember so clearly my own family trips to Beach Haven when I was a small child, or maybe just because it feels like you are being transported to a joyful, calm and genuine place. Either way it is one of the trips we take yearly that we look forward too all year long!

We also love to leave a mark in Point Pleasant, NJ whenever possible for a visit to Jenkinson’s Boardwalk! This summer was no different. I decided to try and document as much as I could so that I could create a Childhood Unplugged edition that was almost a collage of our trips! So these images are from Point Pleasant, Ship Bottom, and Beach Haven.

I promised myself after experimenting with video during my Childhood Unplugged sessions to continue to try and add this form of media to my posts. I hope to offer it as an add on for my clients in the coming months!



Childhood Unplugged August edition. Photos taken in Point Pleasant, Ship Bottom, and Beach Haven New Jersey by Audrey Blake of Audrey Blake photographyhj


audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY Sessions make great gifts!

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