Rayner Family Lifestyle Family Session, Glen Ridge NJ

It was a gorgeous day in Glen Ridge, New Jersey for a lifestyle family session with Kim De Jackmo, Matt Rayner and their adorable daughter Alice. A few summers ago my children were involved in the play Annie at the GasLamp theater and little Alice played the coveted roll of Molly. She was incredible memorable with her big brown eyes and her confidence on stage especially for such a young child. I had the privilege of photographing the show that year and really got to know the cast.

When her mother Kim reached out to me to do a session, I was tickled as soon as I realized who the child was. Alice is one of those children that has the “it” factor. She can be anything she wants and if she wants her hand at theater, she could easily be Broadway bound.

I look so forward to seeing her name in lights in the coming years. I photographed them as they decorated their Christmas tree hand selecting each ornament and telling me stories about each. The weather was so nice that we got to play outside too! It was a picture perfect session and here are some images to prove it. I cannot wait to see the Rayners again soon!

Perhaps with their new puppy…… hmmmmmmmmm


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