Massa Family Bedtime Story

Two of my very best friends got married and made one of the cutest curly haired boys you have ever laid your eyes on, Sebastian. Last month I had the privilege of doing a Bedtime Story Session with them!!

Sebastian showed me his skills on his balance bike and his scooter, played hide and seek with mom and dad and made a beautiful collage for his dog Cheyenne that recently passed.  He caught bubbles on his tongue and showed me how to drink straight from the facet. 🙂 Listening to their family bedtime prayers and then Sebastian’s sweet thoughts were some of my most favorite moments. I feel so blessed having been a fly on the wall in their home getting to listen to the endless giggles. This is such a happy and beautiful home.

A Floridian Bedtime Story, audrey blake photography, bubbles, reading and laughs


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