Legacy Session with the Carrillo Family

My Legacy session with the Carrillo family at their Palm Beach Gardens home was an absolute blast! Sometimes there are family’s in and around your life that may not be related to you by blood, but they are woven into the fabric of your life in such a way that makes them unforgettable and undeniably special.  The Carrillo family is exactly that and so much more.

This beautiful Peruvian family took me under its wing throughout my high school years and being able to photograph their growing family 20+ years later is a true gift from God.

We spent the beginning of our session playing Dominos with their great aunt Toti who is in her 90’s and looking like a spry and youthful 70 year old! Surrounded by her nieces and nephews who adore her we played and chatted and enjoyed our time together. Later we went outside and the cousins played and raced around the golf course greens.

It was a hot summer afternoon in the Florida sun and we ended our time together by suggesting the kids jump in the pool with all their clothes on! ONE OF MY VERY FAVORITE WAYS TO CLOSE A SESSION, ALWAYS!

I love you Carrillo family! To the moon and back!

Legacy session on golf course

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