Legacy Session with Papu & BB

Legacy Session with Papu & BB in Bridgewater, NJ.  Virginia Helen is a sweet three year old with an insanely funny personality and zest for life. Often people say she is an old soul as she talks to grown ups with an air of confidence that few small children possess. Her grandmother and grandfather, known as Papu & BB are over the moon about their first grandchild and I had the luxury of spending an afternoon at their home in Bridgewater, NJ where Virginia has her own room and clearly feels right at home. We did all the things she loves to do with her Papu & BB, including playing with the pool balls, playing drums, visiting the chickens next door, playing the piano, twirling and legos. As an extra fun surprise BB showed Virginia some old albums where to my shock and amazement she sat asking about every person in the photos clearly interested in how people have changed. This child is so special its insane. Here is what BB had to say about becoming a grandmother.

What did it feel like for you to become a grandmother for the first time?
I was overwhelmed with emotion remembering how I felt when my children were born.  I had been finding all Shana’s favorite books and buying more with a grandchild in mind.  One of the books I bought was about grandma knitting and it became one of her favorite books this year.

What are some funny memorable things Virginia has said or done that  you would share?
I really loved when Virginia combined our names into “PapouBB”.  She would say,  “When can I go to PapouBB’s house?”
One of the cutest things she asked when she looked at Papou was, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking”
I love when she comes into our house and announces that she is going up to her room.

What do you want your grand daughter to know about you?
I want her to know that I would do anything for her.  She is so important to me.

What kind of grandmother do you strive to be with them?
I want to be the kind of grandmother that is supportive and loving, not critical or demanding.

What is your favorite activity to do with her?
I love playing piano, giving her the evening bath, reading special books and doing puzzles.
I want Virginia to know that she brings us joy every time we see her.  We talk about her all the time.  We are so proud.


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