Harris • A Bedtime Story

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing my beautiful best friend and her family for one of my Bedtime Story Sessions.

If you know anything about Carolyn, you know she is not only an exceptional artist and friend but she is an incredible mother. Her boys are so lovely inside and out and they are every bit as creative as she is. We had scooter races down her fabulous hallway, a family game of monopoly and sack races before bath time! Giacomo insisted on being a robot and Massimo showed his patriotic side with his USA astronaut costume. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much after this one! Bath time was nothing short of magical with both boys helping each other catch bubbles and showing off their bubble beards!

Bedtime is chalk full of tradition in this house. Every night the boys pick out three of their favorite books for mama and papa to read to them. They read in their big blue chair where they all fit like puzzle pieces and Carolyn has quite the knack for voices and accents! The boys sat quietly soaking up every word hardly noticing my presence.

The love, fun and creativity that occurs in this house is as natural as breathing. It was my privlege to witness it as a fly on the wall.

Thank you Harris Family for allowing me in to your extraordinary world.



Harris Bedtime Story

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