Everglades City with the D’Orazio’s!

I have had the great pleasure of knowing the D’Orazio family since their first baby Lucy(now 13) was in utero! When Cate and Chris told me they would be in Naples for a vacation and would love to do a photoshoot while they were there, I seriously couldn’t contain myself! The family fell in love with a cool and unique city called Everglades City and this is where we decided to do our shoot.

I met up with Chris and his daughter Georgia first and we hopped around checking out the sites. Chris has been going there for a long time and has a wealth of knowledge about the history of Everglades City and what makes it so darn cool and eclectic.
Cate and Lucy joined us and we went to their favorite spot, The Rod and Gun Club.
It feels as though you have gone back in time or have entered an alternative universe. The walls and floors are shiny wood, the furnishings feel almost haunted but in a good way? And the ART! The art that is painted on the walls tells a bizarre story of the place. If you are ever near Naples and want to do something a little different, you should check out Everglades City. It’s known for their all you can eat Stone Crabs ( we missed season by 24 hours sadly)!
They had a hotel room so we had a home base and I used it to my advantage as it looked like every hotel I stayed in when I was 5. Complete with the AC unit under the window and the tropical bedding. I loved everything about it’s vintage quality.
This place had characters which couldn’t suit this family anymore as they are the most incredibly fun, adventurous, loving and quirky people! I just adore them.
Since they were up for anything they also agreed to pose as if Aliens were invading the Earth. This is how cool they are… so willing to allow me to express my vision through their smiles LOL!!!
THANK YOU CATE, CHRIS, LUCY AND GEORGIA FOR JUST BEING YOU!! And… for asking me to come meet you for this amazing shoot to commemorate your post Covid vacation!

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