Creative Movement – Montclair Academy of Dance & Laboratory of Music

The Creative Movement class at the Montclair Academy of Dance and Laboratory of Music (MADLOM), goes something like this… The children walk in and are greeted by none other then the brilliant Miss Maya who begins each class with stretching to an assortment of classical music. She shows them works of art in every class and they discuss the colors, the feelings, the movement, the artist and then the children put the work to movement. Then the children are encouraged to bring the work of art to life through their own eyes and bodies. It is difficult to put into words what this is like to witness. The innocence and rawness of children is the reason I love to photograph them so much. Being able to see them truly in action in their own elements is simply marvelous. I am proud to have my daughter a part of this progressive school. Her thirst for art and her knowledge base of the great artists of this world is expanding by the minute!

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