Childhood Unplugged – October 2016

Childhood Unplugged is about celebrating the art of play and so much more… Three years ago I committed to photographing my own children monthly and 36 months later I am still going strong. Little did I know what meaning this project would take on for me and for my family. I am so grateful to Monica Calderin for inviting me in after virtually meeting me in a photography class. This grouping of talented artists have become my friends and it warms my heart to think we have all watched one another grow as parents and photographers as well as watching all of our children grow before our eyes.  I am so incredibly humbled to be a part of this incredibly talented group of photographers. Thank you to all of you who motivate me to continue the visual documentation of my girls.

It seems only fitting for the 3 year anniversary of Childhood Unplugged to be photographing along side my talented best friend Carolyn Mara Borlenghi and her children this month. We had the pleasure of doing this once before as well in August, 2 years ago. You can see images from that shoot here. Her fleeing the zika virus to protect her baby girl has been such gift to me as we get to creatively collaborate, have our children play when they visit and hang like youthful college girls instead of mothers & wives. Our children have know each other since the days they were all born and when these “Frousins” see each other it is as if no time has passed. For this month we decided to take them on a visit to the Highlawn Pavillion in West Orange, NJ where beautiful monuments pay homage to the fallen heroes of 9/11. The backdrop is the New York City skyline, sadly a bit to foggy to be visible in my captures on this particular day. I never get tired of finding an activity or location to photograph my girls just being girls and looking back on my very first post it is incredible to see how much we have both grown.

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Childhood Unplugged - October at the Highlawn Pavillion in West Orange, NJ

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