Childhood Unplugged – March

This month for my Childhood Unplugged entry I decided to keep it simple and document a typical afternoon walking the dogs with my family. The only difference is that today felt like SPRING! When spring peaks its head in the Northeast we get really excited around here and spend every possible moment outside. So today we went to the park and took our doggies for a long walk down our dead end street. The kids wanted to drive their car which is one of the best reasons to live on a dead end street!

My favorite days with my family are spent doing the simplest of things. What a day! Towards the end of the street, Lyla jumped in the car with Ava and suddenly we hear an engine!! The little boy at the end of the block came whipping around in his mustang to join the fun. It was such a funny moment for us especially knowing that we moved to a street filled with children all right around the same age! The little boy invited Lyla for a ride and they quite literally rode off into the sunset. ha! Ava wouldn’t let him take her too far before becoming the protective big sister though. This little taste of spring has me salivating for the warmth! SOON ENOUGH!

Last month the weather remained freezing and we visited one of our favorite spots, The Montclair Art Museum. Though I love it there I sure am glad for some sunshine!


audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY Sessions make great gifts!

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