Childhood Unplugged • June

This Memorial Day weekend we spent time in one of my favorite New Jersey towns with one of my very favorite families! Their beautiful sprawling home always welcomes us with open arms and gives us the right balance of relaxation and fun! With lush green grass, horses galore, and a dress up room that could make any little girl weep with joy; we swam, we ran, we played and laughed all weekend long.

Seeing horses never gets old for any of us. I have always been in awe of these personable creatures and the ones that live nearby their property are as friendly as they come. The girls wanted to dress up and feed the horses which felt just right to me! It was one of those picture perfect days where the sky is half blue and half filled with clouds and all you can do is look up and say WOW….    We are so grateful to have such beautiful friends in our life who open their home to us with open arms. This months Childhood Unplugged is dedicated to my friends in Neshanic (you know who you are 🙂 xo

Childhood Unplugged - June

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