Childhood Unplugged – July 2016

I adore everything about being a part of Childhood Unplugged. The fact that despite how pregnant I am, I know I have to get photos of my children month over month is such incredible motivation!! Ava had a voice and piano recital held at a church in Montclair, NJ where we all attended excitedly. She performed “You are my sunshine” on the piano and sang “Fight Song”. I marvel at her courage and bravery and ability to go for it. We were all crying in the audience needless to say and after the recital we played for a while outside on the beautiful grounds of the church and had some cookies and things.

I will never tire of watching my children grow and even watching them watch each other reach milestones. We are so proud of you Ava Blake! There is a short video which includes her songs at the bottom of this post. I hope you enjoy!

Childhood Unplugged July edition, Voice Recital in Montclair, NJ

audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY Sessions make great gifts!

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