Childhood Unplugged – January

I have to say this Holiday Season we were so blessed with tons of fun family events and activities! Starting in November with my husbands 40th birthday celebration heading all the way to the few days before Christmas with cookie baking, ginger bread house making and of course letters to Santa. I decided to pay extra close attention to the letter writing this year as both my children are now participating and my oldest is starting to read and write.

They wrote and drew their letters to Santa and then signed and sealed them with extra love and care. We them drove to the post office where we expected the special North Pole mailbox but it seems we were TOO LATE! The lovely workers at our local post office said the girls could bring them in and they would make sure Santa received their letters. Ava was most excited and eager to deliver her letter having learned the ropes and become some what of a Christmas expert at the ripe age of 6 she was happy to tell her sister what is most important in this special Christmas process. With baited breath she hung over the counter watching meticulously as the postal worker properly placed her letter in the appropriate box.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful Holiday season. I am truly sad to see it go! Goodbye 2014!!! We pray 2015 brings us as much joy, good health and love as 2014 did. God bless you all!writing letters to Santa, kids Christmas activities

audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY Sessions make great gifts!

The holidays are coming. Share the gift of lasting memories with your loved ones.