Childhood Unplugged • January 2014

Though the temperature can be hard to adjust to at times, I must admit that witnessing and experiencing all that Mother Nature has to offer is truly a gift. This December we were blessed with just the right amount of snow. Not enough to really burden us but enough to enjoy and appreciate. Not to mention, two awesome snow days! Remember snow days as a child? Fun no matter what we did!  After exhausting every board game and puzzle we had I sat quietly watching the snow fall. It was then I realized we needed to GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!

Outside we went into our backyard for an impromptu snowball fight and some good ol’ fashion wintery fun. Watching my daughter light up as she tried catching snowflakes on her tongue is a memory I will always treasure.  The genuine happiness we all shared  while we frolicked and played for this hour outside was so authentic and beautiful. I am so thankful to Childhood Unplugged for pushing me to get outside and PLAY.

This is what life is all about! Enjoying what we have and finding beauty in everything around us. Now I simply can’t wait until the next snowfall…

audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY Sessions make great gifts!

The holidays are coming. Share the gift of lasting memories with your loved ones.