Childhood Unplugged • December

My Mother in law has a generous friend with a sprawling farm that houses 17 horses, some ponies and chickens! We brought our girls there for a special visit and a possible Holiday Card setting! Ava learned how to brush and clean the pony named Tootsie Roll, how to walk near a pony, how to walk a pony and how to ride it! She was beaming the entire time and hasn’t stopped talking about this extra special day.

Lyla especially loved the chickens. The girls climbed right into the coup and were eager to feed,hold and pet the sweet and colorful birds. Ava even got to pick out some incredible edible eggs! This was such an incredible day filled with memories galore. I am so grateful to my mother in law for bringing us there and so grateful to Laura and her family for her hospitality and grace.

audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY Sessions make great gifts!

The holidays are coming. Share the gift of lasting memories with your loved ones.