Childhood Unplugged – Beach Haven Family Vacation – September

For the September edition of Childhood Unplugged, I wanted to capture what this past summer looked and felt like through my eyes. Watching my children play, grow and unplug throughout the last few months in particular has felt incredibly significant to me. They are growing in so many directions I can hardly keep track! Hair, height, feet, teeth, speech and who knows what else! It is all happening so seemingly fast it’s enough to make my head spin. I have been so busy with work the last few months that my time alone with my family has become even more sacred then usual so capturing these fleeting moments makes me so incredibly grateful, joyful and nostalgic. So thankful to have Childhood Unplugged as the push I need to document this part of my life.

Having been blessed with three separate trips to our favorite vacation spot since July 1st in Beach Haven, NJ, I felt it was only right to have my last bit of summer commemorated with a late afternoon photo shoot on the beach. My children have always been a bit weary of the beach and the ocean in general. Running towards the waves and running away when the water touched a toe was as courageous as we got. By the last day at the beach they were not only diving into the water but swimming, going under and laughing wildly when a wave took them down without warning. Watching my kids become more brave and more curious day by day at the beach has been incredible. Thank you God for this beautiful North Eastern summer! I feel so filled with gratitude to have so much time alone with my family. It’s always better when we’re together.

I included a video short with some footage I took during our shoot. I hope you enjoy it! Scroll down to the bottom to view. 🙂

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