Celebrating Baby Fiorianti!

My beautiful and cherished subject Shana has requested to write the blog post and I was more then happy to accept her offer!  I am beyond flattered and honored that she trusted me with these memories. Scroll down to read her post.

I always knew that my good friend Audrey was a wildly talented photographer, based on how passionate she is about taking pictures and on the spectacular work she does. However, I had never been the subject and therefore could not truly grasp the innate gift she possesses at her trade. I’ve known Audrey for 11 years now. Our meeting was absolute kismet; random and fated. We lost touch after a few years, only to then find out from a mutual friend that we were about to be living in the same building, two floors apart. Our lives coincidentally had taken parallel paths, and we were both married with dogs, and she had her first baby on the way. This reunion sealed the deal on our friendship for life. So now, four years later, I’m very pregnant with my first child and Audrey has offered to shoot a maternity session for me. I admit, being in front of a camera at this time in my life was just slightly nerve wracking.  But I knew that I wanted to capture more memories than just the sporadic mirror pics I’ve taken of myself over the past few months.  All I can say is that I could not be more ecstatic about the photos she took. I initially felt somewhat modest and camera shy, but Audrey miraculously knew what to do and say to encourage me out of my shell. She made me feel beautiful, confident, and, dare I say, sexy in front of the camera. This is truly the skill of a pro. And now I’m left with amazing photographs to cherish forever. I could not be more grateful to have such a talented friend. Love you, Aud! Thank you for including me on your blog!!!! Xoxo


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