Bedtime Story Session with the Smith Family

My 2nd Bedtime Story Session with the fun loving Smith Family of Miami in their home in Coral Gables proved to be not only adorable but hilarious!  Ashley & Campbell’s two children Annabelle and Avery happily played the roles of Hans Solo and a fancy-free Butterfly with gorgeous satin wings. The dynamic between this brother and sister was so much fun to watch. She pranced and danced around him as he fiercly worked the lightsaber from side to side making swooshing noises all the while. After we played in costume the children couldn’t wait to have round two in the tub with the bubble machine. They competed for best bubble beard and who could catch the most bubbles and were only unhappy when we told them bathtime had to come to an end. Once their mother finished washing them they quickly dressed in their pajamas so that they could each read me their personal favorite story. For Annabelle it was Brown Bear, Brown Bear (a very personal favorite of mine) and for Avery it was The Day the Crayons Came Home. I adore getting to spend time with this family when I visit Miami and hope to see them again next year! Seeing how big Annabelle and Avery got a year later was so much fun!!! You can see just how big they got by viewing last years session here.

Thank you again Smith family for the warm welcome and all the hugs!



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