Adelia Harris • Bedtime Story

This baby is the closest thing to an angel on Earth. Her demeanor, her eyes, her sweet little smile… she is an incredible blessing to everyone. I know I am bias as she is a part of my family. She grew in her mama’s tummy under my roof, hearing the noises of my own life and it was a time I will always remember as priceless and joyful for me in particular.

Photographing and witnessing her birth was my next highlight and now that she is growing by the minute, I love to capture her with my lens whenever possible, knowing what a gift she is to this family. I am thrilled to have photographed her for her first Bedtime Story session. She is a water baby for sure… never cries even when water is poured onto her face! She smiles and coos that little gummy smile and leaves nothing by sparkles in her wake. God Bless you Adelia Anna!

Miami Florida baby session

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