A Rockin' Bedtime Story

When Michael Napolitano and his lovely wife Heather approached me about a photo session for their family, I have to admit I was a little bit star struck! You see Mr. Michael is kind of a big deal around my house… having had both my girls in his incredibly awesome and high energy music class Preschool Of Rock since they were 1 year old we have been singing, dancing and going bonkers over his cd’s since 2010! (If I could play the guitar better I might actually beg and plead with him to let me teach a class.)

Upon my arrival he and his family commented on my joy and my energy. In fact, I am pretty sure one of his darling daughters said “you’re right dad, she is reallllly happy”. Sigh…. that just made my whole day! I just love it when people GET me! ha!  So here I am the boisterous and happy fly on the wall in the home that I have imagined must be soaked to the brim with music, instruments and love!!!!!!! Well folks, they did NOT disappoint. I feel so honored to have been chosen by such a creative family to capture their intimate home life in one of my Bedtime Story Sessions. If you have a child and would like to see them filled with joy, sign up for one of Michael’s classes which are ALL over the good state of New Jersey! Or sign up for his newsletter so you can attend one of his killer performances at the Liberty Science Center!

Thank you Napolitano Family for the warm welcome, and the laughs!

A Bedtime Story session with the Napolitano family of Preschool of Rock!  By <span style=audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY” width=”1000″ height=”9981″ />

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