A Bedtime Story with the Fiorianti’s

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing a Bedtime Story session with the Fiorianti family of Glen Ridge, NJ. Virginia, now 3, has been a favorite subject of mine since she was in utero and capturing this beautiful family in action through their Sunday Funday bedtime routine was nothing short of awesome.

Since the Fiorianti family is known for their delicious cooking, it was no surprise that Shana and Virginia began our time together with a scrumptious cookie baking party! Virginia stirred and licked the batter, making us all laugh with her hilarious expressions. Shana helped her to place the cookies on the parchment paper and when they were done, everyone got to try these insanely delicious treats!!

Michael let Virginia choose their activity and she chose tattoos with daddy! This is fitting since she is enamored by his creative and artistic display of ink. She chose her tattoos and he chose his and together they each got “tats”!

Virginia has a tea party with some of her toy friends and her mom and dad nightly. It was only fitting that I captured this fancy party complete with a toast and a chug!

We ended our session with the famous bubblicious bubble bath and a beautiful pop up counting book that everyone enjoyed. Thank you Fiorianti family for letting me capture your evening routine with my lens.

Love and kisses!

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