2020 with the Hernandez-Ray Family – Miami Lifestyle Session

It has been a pleasure watching the Hernandez-Ray children grow through the years and I am even more excited to share images from this years session in their brand new home!  Last year after we took our images inside the construction site that is now their gorgeous new home!!! You can check out the before and after by clicking here. OH HOW IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!

We spent our session shooting all around their new property and in many of the same rooms we shot in before they were  Lulu showed off her favorite gift, a pair of incredibly awesome roller skates complete with yellow pineapples! She also picked up the penny board and her moves would knock your socks off.

Nick is an incredible golfer and continues to hone his craft both inside and out of the house as well as mastering the Rubik’s cube!Here are some highlights from this years Lifestyle family session.

Hopefully next year we can branch out and go to another one of their favorite spots! In 2018  we took a ride to the Perez Museum for the rest of our session. You can view some images from that time here.



audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY Sessions make great gifts!

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