1st Birthday Smash Cake for Baby Georgia

We had a 1st Birthday Smash Cake for Baby Georgia!!!!  What I love so much about this 1st birthday celebration and the smash cake session that followed was that it was at their home. Georgia was surrounded by love and friends and kids laughing and celebrating her. Since she is such an awesome patron at Cedar Ridge Cafe in Maplewood, they made her a very special vegan cake that she could smash and enjoy without any allergy woes! I have been photographing this little peanut since she was in her momma’s tummy! Boy was she worth the wait. At her newborn shoot I knew she was going to be a stunning child as she was such a peaceful and mesmerizing newborn baby.

With big blue eyes with dark blue rings around them just like her big sister and strawberry blonde hair, she is hard not to stare at. Her expressions are enough to make anyone laugh and her love and need for her mama only is something I can totally relate to with my own second child!

After we decorated Georgia’s crib and room with balloons and fun we headed outside to her special cake smashing spot which we created with a little creativity and a whole lot of love. After she smashed her cake we handed out the hilariously cute Georgia faces with party hats for everyone to use! When this little peanut grows up I am certain she will smile ear to ear at all the love she had from the moment she was born.


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