Virtual Lifestyle Session with the Streater Family

Noah and Allaire Streater have been baking, flipping, laughing and playing together during the quarantine (when they aren’t doing schoolwork of course..) Their mama Nicole loved the idea of capturing what was happening inside their home after having captured the view from the outside in a few weeks prior. I watched and directed the action as Nicole helped the girls get started on their homemade banana bread. I suggested they get a little messy and Nicole was of course down with the idea! So we said GO! And the girls went to town on their flour fight LOL!!

Post cleanup we made our way to Noah’s room where they had a pillow fight and showed me how they make laundry sorting more fun with handstands. We had a fun afternoon and it was so nice to escape for a little with this family!

Thank you girls for joining me in this new and exciting way of documenting when we can’t be together!

audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY Sessions make great gifts!

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