The Jackson Family Takes Miami

The Jackson Family Takes Miami! On my recent trip to Miami, Florida, I had the great pleasure of photographing The Jacksons in their beautiful home. Their three children, Richie, Cole, and Reese showed me all around their favorite parts of their home as well as their personal favorite spaces, their bedrooms. After getting to know the kids and having a ton of fun helping them time their photo bombs, we explored the backyard and scouted the water below for fish.

The boys tossed a football and played some basketball on their court and then we took a ride to Coral Gables. Walking around the charming and chic town and discovering colorful walls behind business’ was so much fun! We ended our time together watching Richie do some tricks on his long board. I loved this welcoming family and these incredibly fun and friendly kids! Thank you Jackson Family!! I look forward to hopefully seeing you all in the near future!

Jackson Family photographed in their gorgeous Miami home and all around Coral Gables Miami

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