Streater Style! Essex Fells, NJ


Fun & Creativity are always the name of the game with the Streater family. Having worked with Nicole and her family for more than 5 years I look forward to brainstorming and then executing her vision year over year. This year she wanted color and fun and envisioned a more modern card that would reflect both their joy and their personalities. I came equipped with a white backdrop and lights and she came armed with the most gorgeous . dresses, (as always) and colorful pompoms you ever did see.

I love working with Nicole because she can tell me what she wants and I can then tell her what I think I can make happen and then often the images we get are a mish-mash of everything and then some super fun and unexpected stuff too! She is ALWAYS willing to do some crazy things with me and her girls are such naturals it takes the pressure off and allows for the creative juices to flow.

The final piece to this puzzle is my incredible graphic designer who then steps in and listens to both of us, looks at the images and adds the perfect amount of  just about everything to give it that WOW factor. If you were one of the lucky ones who received this card in the mail for the holidays, you know exactly what I am talking about. For this post I have decided to show you the final images for the card FIRST and then I will show you the actual images from our session so you can get an idea of what happens when you use a custom designer and witness your vision come to life!


When I saw the card come to life I was like WOW WOW WOW. I thought the images alone conveyed the joy Nicole was looking for but wham, the graphics made it super fun and modern and gave it that little extra wow factor. I love that every year I wonder how we will top what we’ve created LOL

Below are the images as they are! The ones used in the card above as well as many other highlights from our session together. This family makes me so happy!! I love you Streaters!


audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY Sessions make great gifts!

The holidays are coming. Share the gift of lasting memories with your loved ones.