Streater Family 2018

Noah and Allaire Streater have been muses for me since 2015. I love capturing them year after year and seeing how they’ve grown. Nicole is a creative soul like me and working with her is so much fun because together we brainstorm ideas to make every year a unique experience! Since many of my clients like their Holiday Cards to be a surprise, I often wait to blog those sessions. Since I got so backed up last year, it seemed fitting to post last years images now as we get ready for our 2019 session in the coming weeks!

Last year I met the Streater Family in NYC. They spent the evening before our shoot in the city with the kids so I arrived to a very excited Noah and Allaire ready to play in the hotel room.

Once we got our bed jumping out of the way, we ventured outside to walk down to the High Line and all around the meatpacking district (One of my most favorite places to shoot in NYC). We stopped whenever we felt compelled by a wall, a fence, graffiti, a storefront or a gallery. It was crispy that particular day but we had so much fun exploring the city and making it our very own canvas.

Here are some highlights from last years session.

audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY Sessions make great gifts!

The holidays are coming. Share the gift of lasting memories with your loved ones.