Prevent Temper Tantrums through ADVENTURE!

Prevent temper tantrums is through ADVENTURE! My three year old and I have been at odds for what feels like… well since the day she turned 3. I love her to the moon and back and then some but… she has been a difficult child in more ways then one and navigating this behavior has been challenging to say the least.

A few months ago I took a DEFINE class called The Unapologetic Artist, taught by Carolyn Mara. In the class we set out to execute our own project…. something that came from within organically. The project I ended up with was definitely organic and a complete and utter accident. In fact, if I am being honest I wasn’t 100 percent sure it had legs but Carolyn assured me as well as the rest of the class to leave the doubt at the door and to just go for it. She told us it didn’t have to be a huge success that part of the process was finding things that sometimes just didn’t work.

And so I propelled forward with a series called The Adventures of The Polka Dot Dress featuring my 3 year old daughter wearing her absolute favorite dress of all time everywhere we went that it was feasible for a 4 week period while I documented it. The dress was an item she spotted on the clearance rack at Gymboree and that she begged me to wear all the time to which I typically responded “NO”. I realized if I didn’t just let her wear it, it would suddenly no longer fit and so I finally said yes to her wearing it to target or the grocery store or to drop off in the morning. What came out of this project was so much more then I could have ever anticipated. Not only did we bond but I was able to document her at this incredible age in a way that I will never regret. When I printed the images and sat with them in my hands I immediately wanted to frame them and create an entire wall dedicated to this series! I treasure them and am so thankful that in the midst of working for clients, I was able to truly dedicate myself to a personal project. Something I rarely make time for. I highly recommend the class to anyone who wants their creative juices to flow freely once again!!!

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