A Bedtime Story with the Perdomo Family

The Perdomo home was so full of life and happiness from the moment I walked in. Nicole played the piano and sang as her children enjoyed in awe and then naturally climbed on top of her and played as well. The giggles and the smiles seemed endless from start to finish. Victoria & Sammy put on their adorable aprons and chefs hats as casually as pajamas and it was clear that they enjoy each others company in this way all the time. Baby J watched and smiled as she stirred proudly with her spatula. The family took me out to their yard where the children showed of their favorite costumes and tricks on their backyard playground. I couldn’t be more thankful to have met this lovely family. Thank you Perdomo’s for welcoming me with open arms and lots of sweet hugs!

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Cooking, dress up, bubbles and fun with the Perdomo Family
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