Mazzurco Family Bedtime Story

I was SO excited about my bedtime story in the Mazzurco family’s new home in Essex Fells, NJ. Dani and I met a few years back at a mom event in Montclair and I am so glad to have become her friend.

Dani & Joe are super fun, outgoing and young parents so it is no surprise I found myself laughing the majority of time in their home. Their two beautiful children Madison and Jagger are ridiculously cute. Madison is a six year old sweetheart with a love for turquoise and dancing, and Jagger, a deliciously chubby rock star in the making with cheeks that could make anyone squeal. (And a belly button that will grace the pages of “Dear Photographer” magazine next month!)

Madison and I spent some time together dancing in her room and jumping on her bed. She was all giggles as we had contests to see who could jump the highest. Jagger is a true mama’s boy, loving on his beautiful mother and at his happiest when her focus was on him.

Joe showed off his super human strength with some child tossing and his softer side by getting Jagger ready for bed without even having been asked! I am so happy this family has moved to our town. I love watching their children grow and our friendships blossom.



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