Legacy Session with Nana & Grandpa

The Atkinson children are not only gorgeous and insanely photogenic but they are an incredibly fun and bubbly little crew. Spending the day with them in New York City’s Upper West Side, doing a Legacy Session with them and their Nana and Grandpa was full of excitement and surprises. We began our session in Central Park just outside their grandparents gorgeous home, strolling along the park, eating some pretzels and playing 1,2,3 swing!

When we made our way back home the kids were eager to show me their favorite spots around the home. They love to play with the record player and the fabulous records dating back to the 80’s as well as all the fancy hats their Grandpa wears daily. Finley played dress up with her Nana and mother and got a lesson in flower arrangement!

While Finley played, Connor and Parker played piano with Grandpa with each little guy showing off their skills. Connor’s grandpa is a champion fencer and Connor has been honing his own skills for a few years now. The two showed me their moves and to say I was impressed is the understatement of the year.

I had SO much fun with this incredible crew!!!! Watching grandparents with their grandchildren is something I don’t think I will ever tire of. The warmth, the excitement, the energy and the love is ALWAYS present and always unique and different for every family. Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph this time in your lives.

I am always grateful.


Nana and Grandpa in the city with their grandkids, walking around central park, eating preztals, playing piano and dress up and fencing

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