Keeping the kids unplugged when it rains ALL weekend long – Childhood Unplugged

Keeping the kids unplugged when it rains ALL weekend long is not an easy feat. We are not a 100% unplugged household, in fact, I am not against it in anyway. However, everything in moderation right? In the summer time when there is downtime, bad weather or illness its easiest to turn to technology for help passing the hours. But after a while the background noise gets to us all!!! So for this month, after bad colds, coughs and a whole lot of rain, I had to help my girls get there tiny butts off the couch and using their imaginations. Like most little girls, my girls just wanna have fun! For this months Childhood Unplugged, I captured them on a rainy summer Sunday in our sun room with some instruments, some cameras, some wigs, accessories and make up. What more could a girly girl ask for!? After doing her little sisters make up, Ava took to the guitar serenading anyone who would listen with her incredibly humorous made up songs. Lyla happily tested out every one of my old cameras, making her big sister her main subject. I love that my girls took a rainy day and made it sunny from the inside out! It was also so nice to do a Childhood Unplugged session in our own home. I haven’t done that since January! 

On a side note I have been playing around with video and decided to put together some footage from our session. I plan to try and add this on monthly for my Childhood Unplugged sessions and possibly incorporate it as an add on to my lifestyle and Bedtime Story Sessions!


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audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY Sessions make great gifts!

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