Jackson Family Lifestyle Session, Coral Gables 2016

I remember walking into the Jackson’s home in Coral Gables and being mesmerized by the pops of color all around their home from the art work on the walls. Stephanie has exquisite taste and such a fun vibe going on I knew I was going to love this family from the get go.

The children showed me their rooms and joked around with one another in that fun sibling way and there was quite a bit of laughter. Though having your photos taken can be nerve wrecking for some they didn’t seem to phased by it. In fact, I think they truly enjoyed themselves! I loved getting to know all of them and am swooning over the image of Stephanie and her daughter Reese in their foyer in front of the Giraffe image. I cannot wait to see them again next year!!

Thank you Jackson family for choosing me!

audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY Sessions make great gifts!

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