Fresh 48 Session – Meeting Lauren Brown

My last session during my Miami trip was a Fresh 48 Session with the Brown Family. I had had the pleasure of photographing William and Jack at their Bedtime Story session with me the same day last year!

These little guys were so excited about welcoming their new baby sister Lauren into their lives. I met the boys and their dad at their home in Coral Gables, FL where they showed me the sign they had proudly made, they made some more personalized cards for her and wrapped her present. They showed me where the baby would be sleeping and how they were now sharing a room. I was melting at every corner.

Once they were finished with their drawings for Lauren, we hopped in the car and headed down to Miami Hospital where mom was waiting with their new baby sister. You could feel the excitement in the air. The boys wanted to bring her some of their toys and spoke about her the entire ride. Once we arrived we walked down the long corridor to their room and they got ready to see Lauren!

Upon our arrival, mom Amy was glowing and sweet baby Lauren calmly nursed while her brothers asked questions about her feet and her body and mom sweetly answered. After Lauren’s belly was full the boys wanted to hold her. This was such a special moment as they wore their DR scrubs with BIG BROTHER and BIGGEST brother on them and they sweetly held their sleeping sister. I feel so honored that the Brown family asked me to come to the hospital and capture this meeting. It was so incredibly special for so many reasons. I cried through the entire thing and couldn’t wait to come home and edit the images! Thank you Brown family for trusting me with this unforgettable event in your lives!



audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY Sessions make great gifts!

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