Finley Grace & The Smash Cake

To commemorate Finley’s 1st Birthday her family wanted to capture her in action in a smash cake session. The set was created by her incredibly talented mother (whom someday I will hire as a stylist!). Not only did she bake and frost that insanely gorgeous 7 layer cake but we used the deliciously adorable props and decorations she had used at her Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party.

We had an absolute blast during this shoot and one of the greatest things about a smash cake shoot is that you never know how a baby/child is going to react to the way a cake tastes and feels! Finley adored the paper straws and everything in between but when we smooshed her hands into that thick and perfectly smashable cake…. not so much. Some babies don’t like the way it feels to have dirty hands and Wendy and I giggled away at her reaction. It never matters what the reaction was, only that its frozen forever to remember and show her when she is older!

Here are some of the scrumptious shots from our morning together.

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