Deckelbaum Bedtime Story Session – Westport, CT

Doing a Bedtime Story Session with the Deckelbaum family has been on my mind for over a year! Last June I met this adorable family at our lifestyle shoot in and around their NYC home. Now these city dwellers have made a new home for themselves in the beautiful city of Westport, CT. Their boys are full of energy and life and having a big yard to run around in and a house to turn into a home was reason enough to shoot our much anticipated Bedtime Story. OH how worth the wait it was!!! I love this family so much and I think what I love the most about Rochelle is what a hands on, get down and dirty, not afraid to play play play kinda mom she is. These two are creating a beautiful home for their family and I am so proud of have been one of the first to see it.

Thank you Deckelbaum family for choosing me to capture what life is like in your new home!


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