Childhood Unplugged – December

The Holidays are here!!! Like most families we really like to soak up every inch of the holiday season for as long as possible. We start listening to Christmas music every year on November 14th and continue until we can’t take it anymore. lol Every night from Thanksgiving through New Years we watch a Christmas movie together as a family and do “something” to mark the holidays. This week we decided to do the Breheney family tree a little differently. We picked it ourselves from a farm in Boonton, New Jersey called BrookHallows Barnyard. When we stepped out of the car we immediately smelled wood burning. It was delicious against the crisp cold winter air.  We walked around the tree farm admiring all the different shapes and sizes! There were short ones, sparce ones, fat ones and tall ones. With the tempting snow under everyones feet a snow ball fight erupted followed by a game of hide and seek among the trees.

We let Ava hold the saw which she was especially excited about! Being outside in the crispy air, excited about bringing home our tree and seeing and feeling all of our family heirlooms once again was so wonderful. I am so grateful for this time to reflect on all we have and all we are. 2014 has been a beautiful year and i can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store. Happy Holidays everyone!


Brookhallows Barnyard, Christmas, Christmas tree farm, <span style=
audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY” width=”1000″ height=”8651″ /> Picking out our family tree at Brookhallows barnyard in Boonton, NJ


audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY Sessions make great gifts!

The holidays are coming. Share the gift of lasting memories with your loved ones.