Childhood Unplugged • May

It has been a long hard winter in the Northeast and my children couldn’t be happier to be basking in the rays of the sun. During our vacation we spent one morning at the Juno Beach fishing pier which serves as a beautiful reminder of my youth spent in South Florida. The pier is magnificent and as bold as ever, providing both beauty and shade against the sun. The shells lining the shore were a dream for my oldest who spent her time finding the prettiest and smoothest shells for the ride home. This was such a special day with our whole family. Our little one clung to her fathers neck  as the fear of the sand took over. I know someday she will enjoy it as much as we all do. Thrilled to be warm on the sand with my children this month. Filled with gratitude.beach girlmermaid1shellslylagirlbirdseashorewater

audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY Sessions make great gifts!

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