Childhood Unplugged – May

For this months Childhood Unplugged I decided to wait until our Florida vacation to take some shots of the girls. During this visit to my home town of West Palm Beach, Florida, my mother and I took the girls to the beautiful new Manatee Lagoon in West Palm Beach to learn about the lovable see creatures and hopefully see them in their habitat. We arrived to a stunning and spotless facility on the gorgeous see through water where the sea cows love to lounge. Unfortunately, the weather has already turned a bit too warm for the swarms of them to gravitate and they have already headed to colder waters. Despite not seeing any Manatee with our own eyes, we loved the museum and the incredible staff that shared their knowledge and their admiration for the creatures with us. The girls loved sitting down and reading some informative books about Manatee’s and other sea creatures as well as snuggling the stuffed Manatee’s wearing West Palm Beach sweatshirts.

When we were finished at the Manatee Lagoon we decided to take a ride down to one of my favorite childhood spots, the Sailfish Marina. The Sailfish Marina is famous for its incredible location, stunning boats, delicious food but mostly for the swarms of huge fish that sit at the dock longing to be fed. We bought a few bags of Shrimp at the Sailfish store and I showed the girls how to toss the bait into the water and watch the fish. The fish fight over each piece of food so intensely that they often jump right out of the water! The girls were totally amazed. It was so fun to watch them in awe of this beautiful experience and to show them what I loved to do as a kid myself.

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Childhood Unplugged

Childhood Unplugged - May - Feeding fish at the Sailfish Marina and visiting the Manatee Lagoon in West Palm Beach

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