Childhood Unplugged – June

For Childhood Unplugged this month we started a garden in our very own backyard! After a trip to the local garden center, we spent time sorting through the many flower and plant options and selected loads of lush and colorful items. Sometimes you don’t need to go anywhere to have an adventure! This garden has become a labor of love for all of us, especially for my husband and oldest daughter.  It is not only heart warming to watch them take their gardening so seriously but its been such a lovely addition to our yard! After hours of gardening the heat began to take it’s toll and the hose became a new toy. We rigged the sprinkler into a tree and rode bikes through the mist with our faces up to the sky! The kids enjoyed some ice pops and some time with our sweet old man pug Nemo. It was a perfect summer adventure. After all, there’s no place like home.


Backyard gardening and sprinkler fun by Audrey Blake Breheney for Childhood Unplugged

audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY Sessions make great gifts!

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