Childhood Unplugged • February

One of the reasons I love being a part of Childhood Unplugged so very much is because this project forces me to make special time with my children. A few weeks ago I made the snap decision that I would take my children to the Montclair Arts Museum and boy am I glad we went!

For the last 3 years I have driven past this beautiful structure almost every day and I have never set foot inside. How this is even possible?? So off we went on a day when the high was 10 degrees. 🙂 From the moment we stepped into the gorgeous lobby we were smiling. My oldest was like a kid in a candy store running from painting to painting and room to room discovering the different types or art on display. Even Lyla was pointing and “ooohing” at the colors and shapes!

Simply put, we had a blast. The friendly staff informed me that we had other floors to discover. The lower level housed a wing dedicate to Children’s Artwork. Ava was mesmerized. She quite literally twirled and danced all around the works. The museum store had trinkets and treasures for every age! We found two incredible Andy Warhol board books that made their way back home!

The third floor was the last surprise. This soothing and clean room was home to a gorgeous wooden table, stools and some wooden blocks. On the table was a stack of construction paper, clippings of pictures from magazines, glue sticks, masking tape, scissors,and pencils. After 45 minutes neither of them wanted to leave. It was such an incredible afternoon together!! My daughter keeps asking when we can go back! 

audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY Sessions make great gifts!

The holidays are coming. Share the gift of lasting memories with your loved ones.