Childhood Unplugged – February Edition

January 2016 brought the 4th worst winter storm in the past 100 years!!! I thought this was the perfect setting for this months Childhood Unplugged. Since we didn’t lose power and had everything we needed and more, we thought it was pretty great! After waking up Sunday morning to a backyard filled with 26 inches of snow we were eager but hesitant to go outside and play in it. Would my little one sink?  While we waited for the gorgeous Sunday sun to warm up the world enough for us to go outside and play, my kids did what they always do on the weekends and just played around the house together and yet separate. Ava tried to teach Lyla “Miss Mary Mack” but it just erupted in laughter and frustration on the teachers part. Then while Ava played piano, Lyla danced around her playing a game I like to call “torture my big sister”. After some reading time and exploring their favorite secret hide out, I gave them some red wax lips to play with that I had been storing for Valentines Day! I remember LOVING those as a kid but my kids didn’t think they tasted quite as yummy. We finally began to get dressed for the cold air and snow. It took more then 20 minutes to get us all dressed properly and when we finally went outside it wasn’t but 10 minutes before snow got in Lyla’s boot and her hands were freezing.

We came back in, disrobed and had hot chocolate. Overall I think it was a pretty large success! I decided to document it as a video as well since I have been trying to do that month over month, only this time I was far more inspired after being a student in Naz Melconian’s Film class at The Define School. I hope you enjoy the footage of our weekend in the storm!!! Until next month!


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