Childhood Unplugged – April

For this months Childhood Unplugged I am thrilled to be visiting West Palm Beach, Florida with my whole family.  From the moment I step off the airplane, I immediately  feel the rush of happy memories in a frenzy of sites and smells. It is so potent that at times I find it hard to be here because my longing to stay is so strong. My children are convinced this land is magical as is my beautiful mother, lovingly called “Nonni Macaroni”. Upon our arrival we spent one late afternoon driving around the nature preserve they live on, stopping to look at trees, birds, lakes and little critters. In particular I wanted to introduce my kids to my favorite tree, the Banyan tree. Their trunks look like a mix of thick and thin vines creating a mystical enveloping mesh of roots that are often times as wide as the tree top.

I can’t wait for another day in beautiful South Florida. Soaking it all in!!!


Childhood Unplugged - April Edition, audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY

audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY Sessions make great gifts!

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