Childhood Unplugged • May 2017

April’s Childhood Unplugged day allowed for us to celebrate spring at its finest here in the Northeast! Every April the Cherry Blossom trees in New Jersey bloom, providing a gorgeous pink view above and a snow flurry of pink petals below. It is always breath taking and almost dream like to see these pink trees for what seems like miles. We took the kids to Verona Park to check them out and not only did they love that they could climb on some of the lower ones and perch themselves comfortably and without fear to play, but also the rows of yellow dandelions  and those pretty little purple weeds that look like tiny lilacs!! Baby Taylor got a kick out of the grass on her feet and the petals everywhere. She sat happily watching Ava & Lyla playing in the grass while the wind blew through her baby hair. There is a beautiful water fall there and a brook that leads to it that almost calls to you because it looks as if you can climb down and back up if you wanted to.

I am so happy to have these monthly photos of these children and I love exploring our own town month over month!

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Childhood Unplugged May 2017

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