Childhood Unplugged • April

One of my favorite things to do with my children during the week is take them for yogurt at our favorite local spot, Sonny’s Yogurt in Cedar Grove, NJ. Everything from the time of day we go to the way my children attack the dispensers has become almost ritualistic and sacred to me.

My almost 2 year old baby girl knows where “chocolate” is and once I hand her the cup filled with a dollop of ice cream, she makes her way to the scale and places her cup on it, patiently waiting for the lovely girl to hand her a spoon and her tasty treat. While Lyla quickly finds herself a spot at a table, Ava hovers over the colorful array of condiments, carefully selecting one of every color gummy worm. All the while I watch and smile on the inside reminding myself to live in the moment.

I never get tired of watching the way they do things so innocently and sweetly.

Once they finish their ice cream, they chase each other around the stop until I wrangle them off their sugar highs and into the car to jam out to “Happy” on our way home…

Life really is beautiful.



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